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Who is Steve Banks

Who is Steve Banks

I was born in the north of England in 1960, cut my early (first) teeth on the Beatles at the age of 4. As one of 8 siblings and the only Leo, I demanded their complete attention and I performed all of the Beatles’ hits (nightly plus the odd matinee) armed only with a plastic ukulele (minus most of its strings) whilst standing on an Ottoman (cushion thing not a person). Apparently I knew all the words and could sing in tune. In later life, and more seriously now…


The Sidemen was founded by Steve Banks with co-founding member Greg Lyon and is made up with some of Australia’s and one of England’s most successful musicians.


Vocals, guitar


Bass, vocals


Keyboards, vocals







“The Sidemen are not just purveying musical history, they’re creating their own timeless moment—and we’re part of it.”

Universal Stranger

As the lights dim and the show start Banks interviews each of tonight’s members, revealing long and prodigious careers and burgeoning notoriety in others. Between each interview they perform songs they have played on, wrote, co-wrote or just love. There is much laughter, shameless name dropping, revealing more and more of their amazing collaborations.

Common Ground

Four of Australia’s and one of England’s best musicians, who have played with the likes of the Black Sorrows, John Butler Trio, 10cc, Georgie Fame, Crossfire, Dave Gilmore and Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Paul Kelly, Renee Geyer and Archie Roach

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Universal Stranger – Sidemen Review

"The Sidemen are not just purveying musical history, they’re creating their own timeless moment—and we’re part of it." "And it’s about the enduring musical legacy and tradition they’ve created in the process. Stars come and go,...

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Byron News

"SIDEMEN, a new production by local musician Steve Banks, will shift the spotlight to focus on the musicians behind some of Australia's - and the world's - most iconic bands." "Four of Australia's and one of England's best...

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The Sidemen – Review

"Steve has a vision for The Sidemen, he is devoted to putting musicians back in charge of their careers." "The Sidemen will perform again, the format works perfectly. Allowing the audience to get to know these amazing musicians: the engine room...

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