I’m working on it…. unless you want to

Don’t try to let it get me down, no preaching from the stage, but lately, I’ve been thinking, I really feel my age,

Sure, it’s great to have it all dead neat,
But every now and then, you know,
Dark dogs feel the heat

Shine on through, a smile will often do the trick,
Even with the trickling sweat, and you feel a little sick,
If the punters only new, you’d be tossed out on the street,
It’s not easy when your rolling, cos dark dogs feel the heat


Let the water trickle, flow right off your back,
You know it’s there behind you, but don’t you change your tack
Let me show you my way, out there on the street
Like Mad dogs and Englishman, dark dogs feel the heat


Can’t let it get away from you,
Gotta keep it all well hid,
Dark dogs feel the heat
Dark dogs feel the heat

Bend the rules a little like Geller bends a spoon,
Convention ain’t for me babe, the crash’l come too soon
Milk it for all it’s worth, until you’re done, replete
And just remember, keep it close cos dark dogs feel the heat


It’s time to drive it deep,
Nobody wants to see me weep,
The colours fade to dirty grey
I limp and lurch from day to day

I speak with him at the cairn of stones,
Chat and muse no bitching moans,
I believe he lives inside me, how?,
It’s what I do to cope right now

He’d want me to go striding on,
But I’m weaving now my rudder’s gone
I’ll meander to the left and right
Until my trajectory is right

A smile creeps in from time to time,
So many things of yours are mine
Can you come with me when I go?
A brand new road, One I just can’t know


Can you come with me when I go,
Whichever way I chose,
I’m free to do whatever I want
But it’s you I cannot lose
Please come with me when I go,
You can drive from time to time,
Let’s retrofit some memories
And take your fill from mine

Our gene pool runs so very deep,
We’re all bound for evermore,
It doesn’t stop me wishing,
You’d stride through my front door


It was over when it started
Subjugate the weak
It was over when it started
Subjugate the weak

Progress, progress
Nothing can withstand,
Attenuated virus
All along the killing lands


Hapless indigene, hapless indigene
We’ve treated you no better than the wretched thylacine

Natural selection
Cultural demise
Inevitable spiral
Underneath the southern skies

There’s simply no solution
Minority despise
Gene pool dilution
So scarred by years of lies

Domination by the many,
Resisted by the few
As a race slides to oblivion
And not a thing that they can do



She was a real rip snorter,
Ebo couldn’t see her he was 2 feet shorter
John and and just languished in her wake
our jaws unhinged make no mistake

she sashayed past, wiggling her arse
speechless and drooling, our faces a farce
she took the slowest path she could
suntanned, toned and so so good

We were rooted to the spot,
I tried to point and lost the plot
John let out a ‘holy shit’
she heard, she knew and loved every bit


She moved like a cat, in a yellow bikini,
I heard music, it was Henry Mancini,
her scent was coconuts and sea,
I willed her to fall in love with me

She must have been 20 and I was only ten,
I would’ve died just to see her again
she walked out of site and her scent lingered on
I went to confer with Ian and John

I think we just traveled forward in time,
how could we know that she was so sublime
Who’s Henry Mancini I asked, somewhat shaken,
he played for United said Ebo mistaken